Welcome to St. Agnes! I would like to begin by thanking you for your interest in our school community. And as you take  time to review our website, you will be offered a glimpse into the unique spirit that exists at St. Agnes Catholic School.


As a school of excellence, St. Agnes seeks to enroll well-rounded students who are eager to learn and grow in their faith relationship with the Lord.  And as a community of Christ, we accept applications from families of all backgrounds. 


Our educational program is one which is enriched by a strong academic foundation that functions in harmony with the core values found within the Gospel message.  Within this program, our students come to appreciate and develop the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual gifts of which God has bestowed upon them.  This development aims to prepare our young people for a lifetime of learning, a commitment to serve our human race and an opportunity for personal growth and academic achievement.  


We offer our students an engaging learning experience that not only meets but exceeds the educational standards that will propel our scholars toward continued academic success.  As well, these standards foster within our young people a range of skills which yield students who are articulate, literary, analytical, and technological proficient, all while faithfully living out our Gospel values.


In our school, our young people are taught to “walk in faith” – not merely as an understanding of our religious creeds, but rather how to grow in their relationship with God.  What is more, our school’s commitment to excellence in education nurtures each child toward reaching his or her potential and serves as a hallmark of our school community. Furthermore , we have created a communal culture where the giving of one’s time and effort to help others is taught both as an expression of faith and good citizenship.


For more than 150 years, St. Agnes School has set high atop a hill where the Light of Christ shines brightly for all to see. And the brightness of this light lives within our young people who respond to our Christian calling to serve as ambassadors of goodness and as leaders for the next generation.


Should you want to learn more about the St. Agnes experience, we invite you to contact our main office to schedule a visit to our beautiful campus. 


With St. Agnes Pride,

Rob Costante


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