Leaders in Service to Others

This past summer, our nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of two historical events which have come to define a generation. As I watched the celebrations that marked the passing of a half a century of time since their respective events occurred, these particular anniversaries seemed to straddle the line between a fanfare of wonder and our admiration for the vision which brought these momentous occasions to reality. During one month in the summer of 1969, Apollo 11 (July 20) and Woodstock (August 15) shared an unexpected and unusual bond. While the crew top hairstyle of the flight crew of the Apollo 11 and the long haired founders of the “Three Days of Peace and Love” concert may have appeared to be quite different, in reality both of these events required similar qualities of leadership. The innovative vision of the leaders who brought man to the moon and over 400,000 concert goers to upstate New York, revealed qualities of bold courage and determined perseverance in the face of countless obstacles, as they endured toward success and a prominent place within the annals of our American culture.

Throughout this “Year to Lead”, we are bringing to light the lives of both saintly leaders and historical events as an opportunity to help form the virtues of our Christian calling to be leaders in service to others. More to this point, our educational program intentionally brings into focus these traits and celebrates those who respond to their calling to lead. Accordingly, we concluded our Mass on Friday, September 27 with the inauguration rite for the members of our Student Council. During this memorable ceremony, our young leaders were provided an opportunity to avow their commitment as they offered the following pledge:

As a member of the St. Agnes Student Council, I pledge to build a community that serves to strengthen our Christ-centered school through a joyful spirit, a commitment to service and the virtues of our faith. I will set a positive example of Christian student leadership for all students to follow. I promise to represent St. Agnes School and students to the best of my ability.

As a closing component to our ceremony, our Council President presented the flame from our candle of leadership to each representative. And in fitting manner, Fr. Isaac offered a special blessing over our student members as they received a keepsake pin indicating the responsibility they have assumed as leaders for our school.

On behalf of St. Agnes School, I would like to congratulate the following members of the 2019-2020 Student Council:

Officers: Finn Smith (President), Chaniya Braxton (Vice President), Lily Adkins (Scretary)

Class Representatives: Clare Smith and Ayanna Thomas (4th); Isabella Woodard and Finn Doyle (5th); Noella Kelly and Trissy Saunar (6th); Ryan Paradella and Alexis Lincoln (7th); Brock Nicholson and David Wilder (8th)


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