The BEARS Have Come Home!

The joy of BEAR NATION has returned to our building. This homecoming began as the treasure of our teaching and support staff found came back to St. Agnes during the week of August 27. This particular week provided our faculty an opportunity to prepare their classrooms, as well as collaborate with colleagues in conversation, team planning and professional development. In addition to this important work, the week also provided three special events. On Wednesday, TEAM AGNES spent the morning at the Maryland Food Bank engaged in Christian service. As servant leaders, our faculty and staff put the Corporal Works of Mercy into action by volunteering to “feed the hungry”. During our visit, our dedicated staff packed 11 pallets of beef totaling over 10,000 pounds and boxed up 14 pallets of corn and sorted various food products for distribution to soup kitchens and food pantries throughout the state of Maryland. Then on Thursday of that week, our faculty joined hundreds of teachers throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore at our annual Convocation event. While the day included many speakers and recognitions, the most special part of this occasion was to be in communion with our fellow Catholic school educators as Archbishop Lori celebrated Mass at the Church of the Nativity in Timonium. Then on Friday of that full week, our teachers opened up their classroom as we held our annual Parent Intake Conference meeting day. This gathering provided our families time to meet their child’s homeroom teacher and to share insight and perceptions about their child. And lastly, it also provided our families the opportunity to establish a working relationship and open dialogue between home and school as partners in forming children of conscience, compassion and competence.

After a busy week for the adults, it was time to open the doors to the jewels of our school community. Opening Day in BEAR NATION is quite a festive occasion. To this point, we use the first day of school as a time in which to shower the newest members of our community with a memorable welcome ceremony. And when I say “shower”, our new students and teachers were literally showered by a cascade of blowing bubbles as they moved through a tunnel of middle school students amid joyous cheers. At the end of the passageway, they receive their first high five and a “Welcome to St. Agnes” certificate. And before we concluded this unforgettable first day of school, our entire school sung the song “Happy” as we loudly proclaimed that we are truly happy bears!

If you are interested in seeking an educational setting that serves as a community of faith which delivers a dynamic educational experience, all in a warm and family centered setting, then you need to look no further than our charming school house. Please contact our school office to arrange a personal tour for your family.


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