Field Day means Fun Day!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Each spring, the grounds of St. Agnes becomes for one day, a captivating cavalcade of magical proportions. This special event is known as “Field Day”. The glory of “Field Day” lies not merely in the fact that the quiet of the hallways is replaced by the thunderous sounds of students cheering in the courtyard. Rather, it is the alluring enchantment of spending a day running, hopping and racing which creates a sort of mystic charm that only grows as the children move between each scheduled station. Picture if you will, a campus filled with zany and spirited activities. Also envision how the frenzied fellowship shared amongst our young people creates an even deeper bond between classmates. As the competition ensued, the energetic students worked hand in hand with their peers as they vied for every shot, jump and hop. It wasn’t merely for the triumph found within completing a race, rather it was the cooperative spirit of BEAR NATION that shone most brightly on this day.

This fun-filled day included a holy host of side-splitting spirited activities. They were as follows: the Jungle Walk, Musical Hoops, Sack Races, Frog on the Pad Relay, Shoe Relay, Stick and Can, Egg on Spoon Race, Chicken Relay, Laundry Day, Wet Sponge Race, Pin-Pong Toss and Day at the Beach. And of course, what would the day be without the blessed ritual of the Faculty Water Balloon Toss? I am delighted to report that this entertaining event was graciously won by staff members Mrs. Mary Sites and Mrs. Diane Madigan.

Like most events on campus, we rely on the creative energy of our staff to give life to the day. To this point, I would like to thank Kathleen Eder, Julie Williams and the ever present assistance of Dan Baker for their organizational leadership of this event.

As a special conclusion to this day, we used our theme for this month, Praying for the Military, as a fitting platform in which to usher in the Memorial Day weekend. Following the morning activities, our entire school assembled for a memorable prayer service at the corner of route 40 where the American flag proudly stands guard over the statue of Saint Agnes. Within this picturesque setting, the 8th grade members of our Student Council led our community in prayers to honor the men and women whose lives were lost while protecting our democratic freedoms. The most touching part of this prayer service was the sounding of TAPS that was offered by local Catonsville resident and retired member of the United States Air Force Band, Mr. Jari Villanueva. I am grateful for his willingness to share his unique talents as we prayerfully remembered the heroes of our nation.

As I reflect on a day filled with memories of faith, friendship, family and fun, the special blessing of this moment in time was the vibrant light of Christ permeating through the smiles and the prayers of our school community. God’s love was shining brightly on this glorious day!

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