BEE Terrific!

As one might imagine, the days leading up to Easter are quite joyous. This statement is especially apt within a Catholic school setting. And with the Holy Triduum arriving so late in April, there was an even more fevered tone to campus life as we drew closer to this blessed occasion.

As Holy Week arrived, our school served as host to the 2nd consecutive and what we hope will become an annual event which unites our school and parish families. The St. Agnes Easter Egg Hunt was a memorable event that brought blissful smiles to all in attendance. And although Mother Nature precluded us from holding the event outdoors, the rain couldn’t dampen the spirit of this festive occasion as well over one hundred youngsters dashed through the hallways and the classrooms of our charming schoolhouse in search of the mother lode of candy filled eggs. While there were many school parents who helped provide support either in donating to the event or hiding the Easter eggs, I want to offer a special note of gratitude to our Advancement Director, Katie Wilder for all of the leadership that she offered this fun-filled occasion.

Before our abbreviated week would conclude, our school community gathered to honor the Triduum with a special Holy Thursday prayer service event. As a means in which to honor the blessed feast that the 12 apostles enjoyed with Jesus, the members of our Student Council symbolized the original disciples of Christ as they were served a “meal” by their younger prayer partner mentees. Our student leaders sat at a long table which stretched across the front of the lower church as the older students represented themselves at the St. Agnes version of the Last Supper. Also included as part of this prayer service event was the presentation of hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food items from our Lenten collection in support of the Catonsville Emergency Assistance Center. And as our prayer service concluded, we used the celebration of the Last Supper and the message to use the goodness of heart that God has blessed us with as a reminder to serve the needs of those for whom we know and those for whom we do not yet know. This event served as a prayerful occasion in which to recall the real reason why Jesus came: to serve and to help us.

Proceeding our Holy Thursday prayer service, our community gathered in the Old School Hall and cheered on a talented group of students who took part in our school spelling bee competition. A group of nine ambassadors from grades 4, 5 and 6 represented their classmates and competed to see which student would represent BEAR NATION at the upcoming Archdiocese of Baltimore Spelling Bee. With this thought in mind, I would like to extend my congratulations to Trystynn Saunar from the Class of 2022 who emerged as the winner of this wonderful academic competition. In addition, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Heather Shea for organizing our spelling bee.

What a school community! We are truly blessed!!

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