Off-Broadway in BEAR NATION

One of the indicators that spring has arrived is when our middle school play brings the life of theatre to the four walls of the Old School Hall. This year’s performance was entitled “Rock Around the Block”. And after months of rehearsals, this artistic production took form as our student cast bloomed into full radiance as they proudly strode upon the stage last weekend. As our students took their final bow, it became evident that the St. Agnes School thespian troupe shines like the natural brilliance of springtime flowers.

During months of musical, dramatic and choreographic training, this talented group of artists developed many skills along their theatrical journey. Some of these earned values were: improved self-confidence and the enhancement of their oratorical abilities. In addition, the students discovered their capacity to assemble a diverse ensemble of talents as they worked toward a cooperative goal. Moreover, our students acquired an ability to use their imagination to reach artistic harmony. And when I reflect on the immense value that the dramatic craft of musical theatre brings to the lives of our young people, I know that the treasure of this educational opportunity reveals a special and rare occasion that can never be repeated. Long after the stage lights fade, the joyous memories from this experience remain and will endure for years to come.

Of course, programs like musical theatre require a dedicated team to lead our students. To this point, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to director Katie White, assistant director Allison Joyce, musical coordinator Dan Baker and set designer Heather King for the countless hours they spent sharing their creative passions with our young BEARS.

Additionally, I also want to thank the following group of thespians who serve as outstanding ambassadors for our school:

Cast: Christopher Degroote, Kemari Johnson, Virginia Joyce, Hana Hairston, Amelia Caquelin, Sophia McCaul, Nathan Perez, Ceci Liberto, Kennedy Sharp, Danae Brooks, Dylan Payne, Christian Smith, Jamison Washington, Ryan Wilson, Madison Paradella, Seamus Smith, Finn Smith, Daizon Meredith, T.J. Graham, Ryan Paradela, Ryan Johnson, Lanaii Stewart, Vinny Oldfield

Set Design Crew: Noela Kelly, Lily Adkins, Trissy Saunar, Ogala Nkere , Jonas Salarda, Karah Rhines, Elizabeth Woodbine, Danae Brooks, Chimdindu Igwe, Ryan Paradela, Hana Hairston, Finn Smith, Jeremiah Ham, Seamus Smith, Cecilia Liberto, Sophia McCaul, Henry Romeo, James Czlonka, Nia Delly, Dazion Meredith, Kemari Johnson, Tsion Solomon

Choir: Lily Adkins, Alexia Allen, Dalen Brown, Tommy Downey, Zaniah Gahagen, Tyler Holloman, Julia Joyce, Noela Kelly, Karah Rhines, Trissy Saunar, Clementine Smith, Ryna Untalan, Emily Wilder, Isabella Woodard

Stage Crew: Tsion Solomon, Katie Dunn, James Czlonka

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