Our Catholic beliefs root us, guide us and define us

Baltimore County Executive Citation

On Monday, March 18, our parish Knights of Columbus council hosted a special event which paid tribute to the community heroes within the local boundaries of Baltimore and Howard counties. As principal, I was honored to offer a few remarks in honor of one of the recipients for Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Virginia Peters. Virginia serves as our First Grade teacher and has been serving as a Catholic school educator for 18 of her 20 years in teaching. Virginia is what I would describe as a master teacher. As such, she recognizes that the educational process is about much more than merely imparting knowledge. Rather, it is about nurturing independent learners to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills while thriving as young scholars. As a master of teaching, Virginia puts her students first as she supportively meets the needs of each of her “children”. As talented as she is in teaching all of the core subject areas, it is the gift of our Catholic faith of which she most impressively shares with her students. And while I was honored to present her as a recipient for this award, I feel even more privileged to work daily alongside such an exceptional educator.

It is this gift of our Catholic faith through which we do all things. At St. Agnes, we have developed an education which unites the heart, soul, and mind through a formation of faith, a strong academic foundation and a commitment to serving the needs of our human society. And it is our Catholic beliefs which root us, guide us and define us as a school. In turn we use these beliefs to establish a foundation for living a life centered on the teaching of the Master Teacher himself, Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it is the virtues of our faith which provide a vehicle in which to transform the lives of our young people. More to this point, one of the twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1832), the fruit of Kindness, served as the inspiration for a recent program that was sponsored by the members of our school PBIS Team. Our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports team organized a 28-day challenge as a means in which to inspire our community to extend 28,000 acts of kindness during February. Within this month, our school family logged one act of kindness after another. Actually, we exceeded our goal and reached a total of 30,211 benevolent, helpful, thoughtful, kindhearted acts of Christian goodness. The significance of this accomplishment was so impressive that we received a Baltimore County Executive Citation commemorating this noteworthy achievement.

Of course, achieving such an accomplishment takes great leaders. Accordingly, I would like to offer a special note of gratitude to Mary Sites for her amazing leadership in coordinating this memorable event. And as well, the following group of PBIS Class Captains - PreK 3: Princeton Engram & Jamie Poliseo; PreK 4: Micah Cabrera & Ada Boland; Kindergarten: Kooper Massey & Tyler Poliseo; 1st Grade: Anya Bronson & Jacob Jones; 2nd Grade: Aden Colbert & Mason Noakes; 3rd Grade: Lyriq Smith & David Czlonka; 4th Grade: Marco Acosta & Ryna Untalan, 5th Grade: Trissy Saunar & Lily Adkins; 6th Grade: Ryan Paradela & Virginia Joyce; 7th Grade: Finn Smith & Brock Nicholson; 8th Grade: Owen Benefiel & Jamie Czlonka; Extended Care: Tyler Holloman & Noah Liberto.


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