A week to celebrate the blessing of Saint Agnes

I often wonder when the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) decided on the time of the school year in which to hold Catholic Schools Week, if they had forgotten about “old man winter”. As most teachers and principals can attest, nary a year has passed by which the effects of snow, ice and cold didn’t throw a wrench into the plans for the week. And as fate would have it, January 27 – February 1 was quite a week for inclement weather.

While Jack Frost may have been working overtime, the chill that disabled much of the Baltimore area could not dampen the spirit that arrives with Catholic Schools Week. With this being said, please allow me to share a brief glimpse into the joy filled events which were occurred last week amid the school delays and closures:

  • On Monday, our parents and family members joined our daily Community Meeting and were treated to a scrumptious start to their day. While the tasty donut and a warm cup of coffee were likely a delicious indulgence, the best part for our parents was undoubtedly the “thank you for sending me to St. Agnes” card they received that morning and hearing our students sing our “We are the Family” song.

  • On Tuesday before the threat of snow closed school early, the annual 8th grade vs. Faculty basketball game was quite the exhibition. Although it was a tough day for the teachers, the crowd was entertained by the stellar play from the Class of 2019 and the juggling expertise that was presented during half-time by our guest referee, Neal Adkins.

  • Coming back from Wednesday’s snow day, a delayed arrival on Thursday nevertheless allowed us to hold the 2nd annual Middle School vs. Faculty Trivia Contest. Still humbled by our showing on the basketball court, the teachers recovered and showcased their intellectual prowess by topping the 6, 7 and 8 grade classes in a Jeopardy style trivia contest.

  • Later that Thursday, the students were treated to a fresh off the grill hot-dog lunch which was generously provided by the H.S.A. While there were many hands that made this event go, I would like to offer a special note of appreciation for the countless years that John Wilson has managed this event with his grilling expertise.

  • Although Friday’s surprising snowfall may have closed schools early, we were nonetheless able to continue on with our Admissions Open House event. Watching our student and parent ambassador teams proudly tour prospective families around our campus was such a wonderful sight to see. And before this joyous day would conclude, our H.S.A. honored our faculty and staff with a delicious luncheon as a gesture of appreciation for all that they do for our school.

No matter what the temperature was outside last week, inside St. Agnes, we prayed with cheerful gratitude for the blessing of our Catholic school and the gift it is to be part of BEAR NATION!

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