More than ever, communities need Catholic schools

This week, St. Agnes, like the other 6,531 Catholic schools around the country, devoted a week of time to commemorate the unique and distinctive spirit of our communities. This tribute began in 1974 and is prominently known as Catholic Schools Week.

The blessing of Catholic education throughout the world has produced men and women of great influence and accomplishment. People like: Pope Francis (The Current Pontiff), Albert Einstein (Renowned Scientist), Condoleezza Rice (former U.S. Secretary of State), Tom Clancy (American Novelist), Bing Crosby (Musical Entertainer and Actor), John Roberts (Current Supreme Court Chief Justice), Sonia Maria Sotomayor (Current and First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice), Joe Biden (Former Vice-President), Charles Schwab (American Businessman), and countless others. And the shared common denominator between this influential list of individuals, they attended Catholic Schools.

Now more than ever, our community, our city and our country needs Catholic education. As a nation, we find ourselves mired in the perplexities of manmade problems. And to solve the dilemmas of the day, we need the next generation of influential scientists, successful business leaders, political leaders, musicians, writers, and religious leaders to resolve our issues. Resolutions which will require leaders with a loving heart, strength of mind and a faithful soul. It is with great pride that I share that these virtues are being formed in the desks of Catholic schools around our country. What’s more, the future leaders of influence are likely to come from the ‘charming little schoolhouse’ that sits across the parking lot on the intersection of Old Frederick Road and St. Agnes Lane.

As a school who claims a history of educating young people within the Light of Christ for 154 years, today’s parents, like the parents of the generations of alumni before them, invest in our school as a means in which to provide their children a well-grounded foundation that will propel them to making a difference in this world. Through God’s love, we use education as the vehicle in which to help our young people develop a relationship with our Lord. And in doing so, they come to recognize the movements of the Holy Spirit in their lives and how they have been called to use the Fruits of the Spirit as an opportunity to grow in virtue. These ideals of our faith create a transformation of the hearts, minds and souls of our young people. Within our program, our students are provided a strong academic foundation where our young people learn to develop their God given talents as a means in which to bring glory to the Lord and to serve the needs of our human family. At St. Agnes, our students are taught to serve in Christ’s name. Moreover, our students are taught to not only see the Face of Christ in others, they are taught that they are called to be the Face of Christ for others.

As our nation concludes its annual celebration of Catholic Schools Week, let us pray that communities like St. Agnes continue to flourish as beacons of light. A symbol of hope where forming students of virtue in heart, mind and soul sows the seeds of faith as it engenders the next generation of influential leaders of accomplishment.

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