The Joy of Advent Abounds

To anyone who has difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit, I would offer one simple suggestion to ignite that spirit – pay a visit to St. Agnes School during Advent. This past week offered a perfect example to the joy that surrounds our community’s preparation for the birth of Jesus. As an example, it is a precious sight to see our Pre-Kindergarten 4 class leave their shoes outside of the classroom only to return later and find out that St. Nicholas has left the treats inside their shoes. As another example of the special learning which occurs during Advent, our 2nd grade class took part in discovering about the tradition of a Jesse Tree. This Catholic custom helps our students connect the tradition of decorating a Jesse tree with each ornament representing a biblical story of God in the Old Testament up to the events leading to the birth of Christ.

The Home and School Association also joined in on the celebration of this past week. Our amazing parent group organized two festive holiday events. The fun started with St. Nicholas’ Workshop which provided the students an opportunity to purchase inexpensive Christmas gifts for those on their “to give list”. A note of thanks to Mary Riddick and Harriet Mrisho for their leadership of this two-day event. And as a second celebratory experience, our annual Breakfast with ‘Ole St. Nick was quite the joyous occasion. Knowing how much planning goes into this affair, I would like to extend my appreciation to Kristin Young, Michelle Hite and Shara Boykins for their organizational leadership of this holiday favorite. These annual H.S.A. events have a certain way of ushering in the joy of the season.

In addition to celebratory fun, Advent provides our community countless opportunities to share the beauty of our Catholic faith. As a fitting illustration to the magnificence of the season, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe reveals a story of the miraculous power of true devotion. The story of Juan Diego’s unwavering belief in the face of doubt and his adoration for the Virgin Mary serves as testimony to the power of faith. So in celebration of this special day, our 4th grade students presented a theatrical portrayal of this historical miracle which occurred in Mexico City nearly 500 years ago. Watching our students offer a dramatic depiction of this blessed event, provided a wonderful beginning to the feast day for Our Lady of Guadalupe. I would like to offer my gratitude to Kitty O’Toole for her creative leadership of this memorable production.

And before this glorious week would end, our Band, Choir and Cherub groups put on a performance for the ages. Our annual Christmas Concert left attendees tapping their toes and singing songs of faith and praise in anticipation of the birth of Christ. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Julie Williams and Dan Baker for all of their work with these musical groups.

As we quickly approach the end of Advent and the start to the Christmas season, please know that your family and our parish will remain in the thoughts and prayers of BEAR NATION. May God bless you.

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