To Care is to Serve - To Serve is to Lead

The week of October 1 was a quite a week on the campus of St. Agnes School. The presence of our faith was positioned proudly at the many events of this glorious week.

On Wednesday, October 3, our Kindergarten and Fourth grade prayer partner classes introduced the theme for the month – “Caring for God’s Creation” – through, song, scripture and service. As a natural connection Respect for Life during the month of October, providing Christian concern and compassion for the precious gift of all life forms rests at the center of our Catholic faith. To this point, our students displayed images of the wreckage that was created by the waters of Hurricane Florence. Although the storms have long subsided, the clean-up from this devastation continues. For this reason, our students, under the leadership of their teachers Julie Williams and Katie White, organized our “Christian Care for the Carolinas” collection project. From food items, to cleaning products, to personal care items, to even bug spray (stagnant flood waters are a breeding ground for mosquitoes) - the collected items will remind our neighbors to the south that God’s love will provide.

Then on Thursday, October 4, St. Agnes School celebrated the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi with a memorable Blessing of the Animals prayer service. On this special day, Deacon Jack Ames offered a unique blessing over the dogs, cats, lizards, turtles, fish, a ferret, a crab, a baby snake and even a millipede, which visited our campus last week. As I reflected on the joy of this day, I would like to think that Saint Francis was smiling down on BEAR NATION as an ark full of pets paraded through our parking lot on that beautiful morning.

And before this wonderful week would conclude, our weekly 9:00am mass was succeed

ed by a special ceremony which served to induct the members of the 2018-2019 Student Council. With the generous assistance of Mary Marks and Fr. Foppiano, this memorable event provided our young leaders the opportunity to pledge their commitment to their fellow students and our school. In front of our entire community, our Council officers pledged the following oath:

As a member of the St. Agnes Student Council, I pledge to build a school that serves to strengthen our Christ-centered community through a joyful spirit, a commitment to service and the virtues of our faith. I will set a positive example of Christian student leadership for all students to follow. I promise to represent St. Agnes School and students to the best of my ability.

As a community dedicated to forming students of virtue in heart, mind and soul, the St. Agnes program produces students who will use the compass of our faith to spread the Light of Christ to everyone they meet.

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