Student Leaders Pledge Their Commitment to Safety

Our annual Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 12 began with a memorable occasion we call The Parent Blessing and Commissioning Prayer Service. This unique program is held in our church with our focus on shared prayer, Scripture, song, reflections and a grace filled blessing offered by Fr. Foppiano. The focus of this prayer service event is intended to underscore the important role that our parents play as catechists in the lives of our students. As a school community grounded by our Catholic faith, it is only fitting that we begin our Back to School Night in the spiritual home of our St. Agnes church.

Proceeding the prayer service, our school families caught a brief glimpse into the day and life of their young person. As they walked through their child’s schedule and enjoyed classroom presentations from each of the teachers, they were able to catch a first-hand look into the exciting world of learning that awaits their student each day. As our parents left campus that evening, they candidly shared with me how impressed they were of the talented and caring faculty that challenge and support our students.

Later that week, our Friday, September 14 mass was followed by the first annual Safety Patrol Pledge Ceremony. On this day, Outreach Officers Keith Boone and Tom Warehime served as officiates for this special occasion. On this day, our student leaders were sworn in by our law enforcement officials as the team members recited the following oath:

I will strive to serve as a positive example for those around me.

I will not act in a reckless manner or allow ill feelings or friendships to influence my decisions.

I will serve in a courteous manner at all times and I will not be bossy or boastful.

I will be an example to others and I will obey the rules whether I am wearing my safety belt and badge or not.

I am representing myself, my family and St. Agnes School and will honor my oath.

As a school community, the virtues of our faith teach us to serve. And in being part of our Safety Patrol Team, our students learn the value of servant leadership as they develop an awareness for safety and safe actions, the importance of teamwork, taking pride in our school and being engaged in active citizenship as they establish a deep respect for law enforcement. It is with these core principles in mind that the members of our Safety Patrol Team have pledged their commitment of service and leadership to our community.

I would like to extend my appreciation to our Safety Patrol advisor, Mrs. Mary Marks, along with Officers Boone and Warehime for their collective support in making this event such a special occasion.

What a week! We are truly blessed!!

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