Field Day Festivity

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Each spring, the campus of St. Agnes becomes for one day, a captivating cavalcade of magical proportions. This special event is known as Field Day. The glory of Field Day lies not merely in the fact that text books and school uniforms are left to the side and team color t-shirts and relentless energy take their place. Rather, it is the alluring enchantment of spending a day running, hopping, racing and shooting every imaginable object, which creates a sort of mystic charm that only grows as the students move between each scheduled station. The following list details the activities included in this special day: Jungle Walk, Musical Hoops, Sack Race, Frog on Pad, Shoe Relay, Stick and Can, Chicken Relay, Laundry Day, Wet Sponge Relay, Day at the Beach, Ping Pont Toss, and Egg on the Spoon. The wondrous sight of seeing every corner of the blacktop and grassy space filled with great energy, brought a delighted smile to my face.

Picture if you will, a campus filled with zany and spirited activities. Also envision how the frenzied fellowship shared amongst our young people created an even deeper bond between classmates. As the competition ensued, the energetic students worked hand in hand with their peers as they vied for every shot, jump and hop. It wasn’t merely for the triumph found within completing a race, rather it was the cooperative spirit of BEAR NATION that shone most brightly on this day. As I walked around St. Agnes, I felt God’s love and adoration permeate every inch of our campus. The happiness of this day was the joyous sound of children playing, running and laughing. The vibrant light of Christ truly sparkled brightly on this glorious day!

As I continued my trek across campus, I found carefree bliss emanating from not only the students of St. Agnes, but also from the countless parents who offered volunteer support to our “charming little school house”. It is quite likely that the adult joy they revealed in leading each one of the activity stations sprang from their own childhood memories of bygone days of springtime. Of course, events like this don’t just, it takes great leadership. To this point, I would like to thank Kathleen Eder and Julie Williams for the organizational leadership that the provided to this blessed ritual.

What has become a festive and entertaining conclusion to our school year, serves as a fitting reminder to each of us that the glory of childhood rests within our willingness to continue our playful ways well into the mature years of life’s journey. And as our students left campus after a tiring, yet fun-filled day, I could sense the revelation on our children’s faces that the end of Field Day marked the soon-to-be end to our school year.

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