BEAR Beauty in Sights and Sounds

We are only half way through the month and what a festive month it has already been! As we began the month of May, we ushered in this Marian month with a Prayer Partner activity aimed at honoring the gift of God’s creation. To this point, on May 1st, our Pre-Kindergarten classes and their 8th Grade friends arranged an on-campus project which brightened up the main entrance of our school building. On this day, our older students guided their younger Prayer Partners on how to properly plant flowers within the flowerpots that are positioned by the doorway of BEAR NATION. If you pass by Old Frederick Road this week, please take a moment to look at the wonderful work that our young “Gardeners for God” provided to our school. I would like to thank our local WalMart store for their thoughtful support of this project and their generous donation of plants, soil and potting shovels.

While flowers have a way of visually brightening a campus, music has a way of illuminating a community through the gift of song. On May 8th, the BEAR Band performed their annual spring concert during a morning performance for their peers and an evening performance for the parents. While the entire concert was memorable, the performance of Rock’n Roll by Gary Glitter (1972) was the highlight of the set. And of course, it takes countless hours and great leadership to direct a middle school band. Accordingly, I would like to thank our musical maestro, Dan Baker, for the creative directorship that he offers to our young musicians.

In addition to our May 8th concert, another special celebration took place from May 7-11. This event, simply known as “Teacher Appreciation Week”, offers schools around the country an opportunity to extend their heartfelt gratitude for all that their faculty and staff do for their community. And although there are thousands of words that could describe my colleagues, I think the image below offers a telling portrayal of their many qualities. Thank you TEAM AGNES! We truly appreciate all that you do for our Catholic school!!

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