Middle School Academic Distinction Ceremony

As many can attest, middle school can be a challenging time for young people. This time period is one where the nexus of intellectual growth intersects with the development of emerging emotional maturity. Moreover, the minds of today’s students can often be beset by peer relationships influenced by the ever growing presence of social media where young teenagers are confronted by a world which encourages habits of materialism self-interest over modest simplicity. Consequently, teaching 11 to 14 year-old students is not an easy vocational ministry. Reason being, when society promotes ease over work ethic, self-importance over humility, serving one’s own desires over the needs of the marginalized, and social media over Scripture; Catholic schools are called to respond to the tremendous task of teaching students to be counter-cultural as they instill educational habits and faith-filled virtues into the minds, hearts and souls of young people.

At St. Agnes School, our faculty foster a learning environment where our students achieve success more than through mere academic knowledge. Our dedicated staff helps our young people develop habits of mind which allow them to build intellectual endurance as they learn to manage academic adversities and emotional set-backs; all while effectively coping with the stress that can sometimes accompany being a middle school student. These “scholarly life skills” teach our students to persevere towards solutions, to ask detailed questions aimed at discovery, to collaborate with others, and to make real life connections in their learning. Each day our children challenged to offer all they do Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (translated in Latin as “For the Greater Glory of God”). This belief teaches our students to use their gifts as a means in which to give honor and praise to the Lord. Accordingly, on Monday, March 26th, the following middle school students were recognized for their academic distinction during Trimester 2:

Sixth Grade

Principal's List: Jamil Conly, Finn Smith

Second Honors: Chanyia Braxton, Nathan Perez

Seventh Grade

Principal's List: James Czlonka, Owen Benefiel, Madison Paradela, Henry Romeo, Tsion Solomon

First Honors: Carlos Acosta, Joey D'Ambrosio, Christopher DeGroote, T.J. Graham, Sophia McCaul

Second Honors: Cecilia Liberto, Seamus Smith

Eighth Grade

Principal's List: Grace Adkins, Miriana Kelly, Rayven Short

First Honors: Kelly Endler, Blaire Killikelly, Taylor Gilmore, Nadia Jackson, Mikel Lewis, Amara Njoku, Brooke Stromberg, Ishaan Vadakoot

Second Honors: Erin Berlin, Kennedi Henson, Ben Payne, LeConte Stover

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