Inspired Wonder. These two words describe what occurs daily within the walls of our charming schoolhouse as a result of the talented educators who encourage our students to think big and dream even bigger. As Walt Disney so aptly stated, “if you can dream it, you can do it.” To this point, the dreams of our St. Agnes students are forged by a strong academic foundation where curious hands and inspired minds bring forth bright ideas. These ideas emerge from wonder and curiosity and are nurtured within a learning environment where the skills of Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking (the 4 C’s of 21st century learning) are grounded by our faith and formed within the virtue of character.

As I reflect on the strength of our educational program, I know well that through the experiences, events and daily efforts of our students, the BEARS of St. Agnes learn the joy of discovery. And this week as our nation celebrates Engineers Week, it is only fitting to celebrate and wonder from where the next big innovation will come? Supportively, our teachers show our students that the subjects they study in school will help them solve real problems. Moreover, our young people are inspired toward wonder by a faculty who engage them in hands-on, minds-on activities that challenge them to “dream it and do it”.

This week, in celebration of the Middle School National Engineering Week Challenge that was sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, a triad team of 8th grade girls from St. Agnes were recognized for being one of the top schools in the competition. The challenge asked each of the twenty-five competing schools to build a tower using only a one-pound box of spaghetti and two bags of large marshmallows (30 per bag). As a point of reference, the tower was required to be freestanding with a construction time limit of no more than thirty minutes. As one of the top five middle school teams in Baltimore, Miriana Kelly, Taylor Gilmore and Rayven Short were recognized for building one of the tallest self-supporting towers in the area. To this point, our Engin-BEARS were invited to recreate their winning towers at the JHU Tower of Power event that was held this week on February 20th. Congratulations to this outstanding group of student ambassadors for proudly representing BEAR NATION at this prestigious competition.

St. Agnes School forms students of virtue in heart, soul and mind.

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