Grandparents are given a grand show

On Tuesday, November 21, the St. Agnes Community welcomed over 120 guests for our annual Grandparents & Special Friends Day. This special event began with a "Turkey Talk" reception for our guests which included a performance by our band and choir groups. Our entire community then celebrated the extraordinary blessing of our grandparents with a joyous prayer service that was held in the St. Agnes lower Church. And as if we needed more smiles, we returned to the Parish Activity Center for a memorable prayer partner production where our older student-younger student prayer partner groups presented entertaining songs, dances and poems which brought smiles to the faces of everyone in attendance. Before the day would conclude, the students loudly cheered "we love you" to all of the guests who visited us on this festive occasion. As our grandparents and special friends left campus on this momentous day, they quickly discovered something that our students feel each day - there is a special spirit that exists at our school and that "We Are...ST. AGNES!"

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