Veterans Day honors our American heroes

On Friday during our Veteran’s Day Prayer Service, our school community gratefully celebrated all that members of our Armed forces have given for the preservation of freedom, promotion of peace and expanse of righteousness around our world. Upon reflection, these principles are integral to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. For when we honor the noble calling of those who have served in our military, we exalt and glorify the meaning of our Christian faith. Not for the violence of war, but for the freedom our fellow citizens preserve and the peace and righteousness they shepherd toward the marginalized members of our human brotherhood. In attendance at this memorable prayer service were fellow parishioners; as well as fathers, mothers, brothers, sons, uncles and grandfathers of those within our school community. Their presence at our prayer service reminded our students of the precious gift of freedom that we often take for granted.

As we concluded this special day, thirty five members of our school family caravanned over to the Baltimore National Cemetery on Frederick Road as a means in which to venerate the memory of the 37,000 departed Veterans whose final resting place sits on these grounds. Our "Prayer Pennies for the Protectors of Peace" project honored over 1000 Veterans by placing a penny on the








headstone at the gravesites of our military heroes. The tradition of placing coins at the grave marker of fallen Veterans began as a way for visitors to offer their appreciation for the service that our American heroes have provided to the United States.

As we gratefully reflect on the blessings of this past week, we pray in thanksgiving for the sacrifice of the active, inactive, retired and fallen Veterans and all they have offered to our country and the brotherhood of our world.

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