Catholic Schools United by faith - from Catonsville, Md. to Key West, Fla.

In response to the natural disaster devastation that has affected South Florida, the St. Agnes School community collected $1000 in support of The Basilica School in Key West. The following update was recently sent from their Principal:

We opened with 6 staff on Tuesday, Sept 19th while utilizing only three classrooms. We offered free childcare to anyone in the Keys, regardless of their enrollment, for the entire week.

Normal school operation commenced on Monday. We were the first to reopen in Monroe County-- because we had boots on the ground over two weeks ago. Our attendance has been roughly 80%.

We have several families moving out of the Keys as a result of the storm and losing their home. I am losing two staff for the same reason.

We are assisting local families with food and miscellaneous supplies, temporary housing and tuition assistance.

So although utilities are returning, students and families are returning and businesses are reopening-- 'normal' is still a ways away.

I look forward to receiving your gift and sharing it with our students and faculty. You should expect a 'Thank You' in the mail from us soon.

God bless...Robert Wright

We continue to keep the Basilica School in our prayers. And may God bless all those whose lives have been affected by the recent natural disaster tragedies.

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