The St. Agnes Home and School Association (H.S.A.) is a partnership of parents/guardians and teachers who combine their time, talents and energy to create memorable events that not only benefit the school, but ultimately the students. Our primary function is to host fundraising events throughout the school year which build community and foster school spirit for the students, faculty and staff. Questions can be directed to HSABoard@stagnesschool.net


Executive Board: 

Kathy Acosta, President

Jen Doyle, Vice President, Fundraising

Joanne Desrosiers, Secretary

Michelle Hite, Treasurer

Kristine Liberto, Financial Secretary


Standing Committees:


Sherita Thomas, Chair Spiritual & Cultural Committee

Torena Brown, Chair Volunteer Committee

Shawn Galloway, Chair Hospitality Committee



Open H.S.A. meetings are in September, January and May.  At least one parent from each family is expected to attend the open meetings.  As a reminder, H.S.A. meetings are intended for parents/guardians only and children should be left at home when at all possible.


Volunteer Hours:

The H.S.A. asks each family to support the school by giving 20 hours of volunteer service time throughout each school year. The details of this volunteer program are outlined in our School Handbook.  Families are responsible for tracking their own hours. 


FUND-Raising Opportunities Include: 

Scholastic Book Fair

Hike for Haiti

Box Tops & Labels for Education

Family Restaurant Nights