The talented faculty and staff of St. Agnes School faithfully represent the Gospel values of our Catholic beliefs in both words and actions. As lifelong learners, these dedicated educators are committed to professional development as they nurture the intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of our young people within a student-centered learning environment.


Principal: Dr. Rahshida Wilson |        

Office Manager: Mrs. Clemmy Smith |

Advancement Director: Mrs. Katie Wilder |

Financial Bookkeeper: Mr. Robert Stead |

Teachers and Instructional Aides

Pre-Kindergarten: Mrs. Amy Marts |

Pre-Kindergarten Aide: Ms. Hanna Giotis |

Kindergarten: Mrs. Julie Williams |

Kindergarten Aide/Extended Care: Mrs. Mary Sites|

1st Grade: Mrs. Virginia Peters |

2nd Grade: Mrs. Elaine Liberto |

3rd Grade: Ms. Theresa Baldwin |

3rd Grade Aide: Mrs. Lynn Schultz|

4th Grade: Mrs. Stephanie Romano|

5th Grade/ 5-8 Social Studies: Ms. Danielle Sitzman |

6th Grade/ 5-8 Math: Mrs. Mary Marks|

7th Grade/ 5-8 Science: Mrs. Katie White|

8th Grade/ 5-8 ELA: Mrs. Heather Shea|

Music/Religion: Mr. Daniel Baker|

Art: Ms. Heather King|

Physical Education: Mr. Jeff Orsburn|

Spanish: Mrs. Claudia Morris|


Nurse: Mrs. Anna Conaway |

Reading Specialist: Mrs. Diana Hamilton|

Guidance Counselor: Ms. Mary Tupper|

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