Our “BEAR in Mind” Summer Learning Project asks our students to complete a modest amount of assigned reading and math work during the coming months. 

  • Incoming PreK4 will complete a game board of learning-inspired activities

  • Incoming Kindergarten will complete a game board of learning-inspired activities and worksheets to practice their skills

  • Incoming 1st Graders will:

    • ELA – students will read two books of their choice and use story paper to draw pictures and write sentences about their books. Story paper will be provided.

    • Math – complete the Greg Tang Summer Math Challenge:

  • Incoming 2nd – 4th Graders will:

    • Use for both Math and ELA over the summer 60 mins per week per subject

    • Keep a summer writing journal (can be a composition book, or loose leaf paper stapled together at the end of the summer. Should be two journal entries per week (a few sentences each) based on a book they are reading, a trip they have taken, a fun summer activity they did that day, etc.

  • Incoming 5th – 8th Graders will:

    • ELA – read from selected book list and complete assigned project

    • Math – use Students take a pretest before starting a domain, and based on the results of the test, students start at a level for practice exercises. There are eight domains in the math category and students are asked to spend one hour in each domain over the course of the summer. They can work on one domain at a time or mix it up, but students should have an hour of practice in each of the domains over the course of the summer. Time spent in the piggy store does not count as practice time. 

PreK and K



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